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Hailing from Spartanburg with a taste for adventure, Emily Vargo set out on a mission to bring a fresh, plant-powered vibe to her downtown digs in 2014. Fresh out of Coastal Carolina University, she jetted off to Palm Beach, soaking up the sun, the vibes, and the raw smoothie scene like a boss. But the call of her hometown was strong, and armed with a vision of blending wellness with flavor, she boomeranged back, ready to shake up Spartanburg's foodie scene.

And just like that, Health in Hand sprouted onto the scene in January 2015, flipping the script on traditional dining with a menu bursting with goodness. As the OG plant-based hotspot in town, Emily's journey has been a rollercoaster of taste explosions, recipe hacks, and all-around epic foodie moments. But with every green-infused creation, Health in Hand became more than just a restaurant—it became a lifestyle, a hub for the cool kids craving their daily dose of deliciousness.

Flash forward to August 2022, and Emily's dream grew even bigger with the launch of her second spot in the Tyger River area. Yep, you heard it here first—double the yum, double the fun! And while she's busy curating the ultimate veggie experience, Emily still finds time to chillax and vibe with her mini-me, soaking up those Spartanburg sunsets and living her best life surrounded by her squad.

So, whether you're a seasoned wellness warrior or just vibing with the plant-powered trend, Health in Hand isn't just a café—it's a lifestyle destination where health, flavor, and good vibes collide. Come join the tribe and let's get our green on together!

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